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I just can't see what the hype is all about. I say this from the view point of being a former thru hiker (1986). The record that is set right now is from someone who did it unassisted. That means no camper, no clean clothes, no support team. That is the way the trail is meant to be done. The forum V.F.T.T. has some extremely good insight into this whole record thing. When I did the trail I started at Springer and hiked to the big "K" carrying everything I needed. I averaged 20 miles a day carrying 65 pounds. Karl is carrying nothing and is in a camper every night. Just seems he is missing the whole idea of what Benton Mckaye meant for the trail to be. Seems to me that a very big ego is in the making here. Thru hike the trail for the love of the trail. Not for a record.
I'm with you.