I am looking for information on the weather, particularily the wind speed in and around Edmunds Cul on July 24, 2008. That day a group of 11 of us left Lakes Hut with the weather prediction being scattered showers with possibility of thunderstorms, wind speeds possibly to 35 mph, cloud covered and limited visibility. By the time we arrived at Edmunds Cull the weather had obviously changed----we had heavy rain, hail and sleet with wind so strong that you could not stand up. The wind was actually picking up smaller persons and throwing them around. We had to literally crawl to the intersection of the Gulfside trail and the Randolph trail---went down the Randolph trail and eventually made it down to Applacahia Way after a total of 15 hours of hiking and crawling over and under downed trees and fording one really forceful falls area. I realize that the weather does change drastically at times but am interested in whether we received the correct weather report and what the wind speed was during this storm. The valley was experiencing very bad weather with a desvestating tornado. Thanks for any help.

I have checked the web sites suggested for weather but did not find one that covered this at all. The weather changed about 1:30 that afternoon and continued to increase in intensity. We were at the Cul about 2pm and went just a bit beyond---turned around at 2:30 and crawled to the intersection of the paths--headed down the Randolph Trail at approximately 3:15. Thanks again.