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Thread: withdrawal, longing for a hike

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    Default withdrawal, longing for a hike

    Can't go hiking this weekend. We COULD, but husband is out of town and our new playground is being installed today. I can't convince my youngest to let me carry her up a mountain ("it takes too long, mama!"), and both girls understandably want to play on their new jungle gym all weekend, as soon as it's finished being put up.

    So we have to wait until next weekend.

    I know the mountains will always be there, BUT I am getting almost obsessed with hiking. And I'm getting into shape again! Woo-hoo!

    I enthusiastically want to finish the 48. Then I want to do the grid. I can start on the grid on whatever weekends Alex doesn't feel like hiking. Then when the girls are older, I'll thru-hike the AT.

    Really, the secret of happiness lies outside, in nature. Alex and I know that. (Sage hasn't yet discovered that, being only 3 years old and very much into Polly Pockets.)

    I've signed up for a Wilderness First Aid Course, next spring I'll do the First Responder course, we just bought a PLB, more gear and more clothes, and I think I have all the trail info memorized for each of the 48.

    Thanks for letting me vent (whine) here. No one understands why I am studying trail maps in whatever spare time I can scrounge.

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    What, you mean there are other things to do besides look at trail maps during free time? I certainly understand your addiction. It's one of the best possible ones to have and getting your kids hooked too makes it so much better. Hopefully Sage will gain Alex's love of the mountains in another couple of years. Hard to imagine that your love for it wouldn't rub off on the whole family.

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