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Thread: Help us test revised MWO web design

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    yes all that brad said
    thank you
    i am a Summit Club member pictures and videos

    If your not a OBS member yet then what are you waiting for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    I would be interested in folks' reaction to the two different logos - the one currently at the top of the forum and this new one.

    The forum is

    and the new one has the colors reversed.

    I find the forum version easier to see.
    Sorry for the slow feedback - we've been out of town. I like the new design and the reasoning behind everything in Scot's explanation of the new design. I do agree with Brad's observation on the change in the logo colors. Since all the logos on promotional materials, decals, letterhead, etc are red/black on white I think this is what should be carried forward in the new site since it represents the OBS "brand". I also think it just looks better.

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