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Thread: MWO site offline?

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    Default MWO site offline?

    At 6:25 AM this morning I was not able to get to - I had been around the site earlier this morning. I was in the forums and the next click did not work. Other web sites worked fine and I checked several to ensure my internet connection was okay. Web cameras in Maine were still running fine.

    After about 2 minutes the MWO site came back. Not sure if anyone else saw this. It would be interesting to check the log files to see if all traffic stopped between 6:25 and 6:27. Would hate to have this be the first indication of a problem somewhere.
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    There were 2 outages/load spikes this morning (another at 1:46), however those were caused by a large influx of traffic. A large number of IP addresses were hitting the site (the forums mostly) at the same time, probably part of a botnet. Both were short lived (1-2 minutes) before server-protection measures kicked in.

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