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Thread: Mount Meader 9/3/08

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    Default Mount Meader 9/3/08

    The Baldies from Mount Meader


    Mount Meader 2782'

    6.4 Miles 2250' Elevation gain

    Kevin, Judy and Emma

    After a great night at South Baldface Shelter we broke camp and headed down to the Basin Campground where, yes, we set up camp again. Over the last few years the Basin CG has become one of our favorites. The wildflowers in early June are fantastic. The pond is complete with loons and beaver. At daybreak the sun lights up the surrounding hills and creeps its way down to the water's surface, beautiful. One of the hills that rises up above the Basin is Mount Meader. We've been saving the climb to this one for just such an occasion. we had used up a lot of energy on the climb to the shelter and the traverse of the Baldies over the last two days, so something a little less challenging was the ticket. Plus, it conformed to our favorite thing, new territory. Well, it should be noted that the Mount Meader Trail is a 2250' elevation gain over a little less than 3 miles, so, while not particularly difficult or challenging, still requires more effort than some of the 4ks. The trail consists of mostly old logging roads for the first mile and a half or so, then begins a steady climb along switchbacks, eventually depositing you on ledges below the summit that afford nice views to the south. From here the views of the Baldfaces, especially South Baldface and the ridge we had climbed the day before, are quite excellent. Meader doesn't really offer that 360 degree panorama view that you can get many places, but as you hike along towards the summit you get filtered views in most directions. We stopped near the junction with the Meader Ridge Trail, took a few steps north and found a place out of the sun to have some lunch. from here there were good views towards Evans Notch and the Royces and even some glimpses down to the Basin. After eating we headed down along the Meader Ridge Trail towards the true summit, which, due to my inattention, we missed. We followed along the trail until I decided we had travelled the required 2/10ths. There was a small cairn and I declared that the summit, not realizing it wasn't, though Jude had told me she thought there was a short spur trail to reach it. Well, apparently I wasn't listening. Married couples, huh? Anyway, now we'll have to go back so we can tag the "true" summit, and that's OK by me, as I enjoyed the hike just fine. In what is becoming a regular occurence, we lost something again. A relatively new hiking pole. Red and silver Black Diamond left in the parking area. I hope someone's putting it to good use. This was a good trip to finish up our little vacation with. We made a stop at Brickett Falls on the way down. It was really just a trickle this late in the season, but had a few clean, sparkling pools that we could cool off in. Very nice.

    Pics here:


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    Very nice KDT!!! Keep up the great work!!
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    Great TR as always. I continue to peruse your website with great interest.

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    Thanks for showing us yet another new mountain Kevin. There are surely more great hikes than just the 4Ks and it's good to get that reminder. The first light picture over the lake is beautiful. A good reason for being camped out the night before...

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    You have a ton of amazing trips Kevin. Good addition to the portfolio. Emma looks like one happy dog. My favorite is the MUD DOG PICTURE.
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