Here is the summary of an incident last night , as related to me this morning by a MW State Park Staffer:

"Hiker" summited MW on Saturday 9/6/08 at 5:30 PM, just as the rain from Hanna was beginning. He signed the register as coming from the Ammo Trailhead. There were no seats left for down-bound riders by any possible means via the Auto Road so he was going to have to get down on his own. Dressed in a windbreaker, t-shirt, jeans, pack, no water, no food, his only gear a cell phone and and a wind-up/crank "flashlight", he headed down Jewell Trail from the Summit Building @ close to 6 PM.

10 PM phone rings at State Park staffers home... from NH Fish and Game Doug Gralenski.... said hiker is lost on the west side of MW and the cell phone caller is patched thru. Talking through the clues and possibilities, hiker says he thinks he is in the vicinity of two brook crossings and may have missed a trail connection from the Jewell Trail towards Marshfield Station.

The probabilities are weighed and the hiker's location narrowed to "most likely" off of the Boundary Trail in the vicinity of Clay Brook.

Matt Holmes of NH F&G was woken up and sent to fetch out the hiker, who was indeed in the close vicinity of Clay Brook on the Boundary Trail.

The exercise is to Identify and Explain from the above summary why this "hiker" had to be "fetched out"?

Anyone game to participate? There is no prize and there is no scoring involved, but 2 word answers are discouraged