Joe finally got a day off, and I had suggested that we head up to the Kancamagus and take on of the side stops that are just little nature hikes. He suggested we do Mt Katherine. I said no pain no gain and said ok. So we loaded up our packs and headed for Ferncroft road. Beautiful sunny day high of 59, it was a perfect day to hike. We didn't get started on the hike until about 2:15-2:30. We parked in the parking area, headed on foot back to Ferncroft, and up to the trail head, which was about 1/2 mile.

We headed up a little road to connect to Pasture Path. About a 1/4 up Pasture Path, he makes the comment "There's no turning back now" So I turned around and started back the way we came He was insistent that I needed both walking poles, as I kept insisting that I didn't So I made him walk with one

We made it up to the crossing at Tilton Spring, only a 1/2 mile to go!! So we took pictures of me at the sign, and along the hike to show I was making it. We got almost to the summit, and he steps off to the side and says he wants me to summit first, since it was my first actual summit What a nice guy!! We got to the top, took some pictures of each other at the summit, then sat down and had a snack while we took pictures of Mt Chocorua and the tractors running in the fields below. We had a few little friends flying around chasing each other. We found what looked to be fox scat several times on the trails, and bear scat on the summit. We were getting ready to head back down, when a beautiful dragonfly caught my eye, so I had to get pics of him first. Then we heard company coming up to the summit, and met two cute, sweet dogs.

The ladies were nice enough to take our picture together, then we chatted for a minute. We were discussing heading back down Red Path, and the ladies mentioned that the dogs were barking at something in the woods, possibly an animal. Joe and I quietly walked back down Red Path, after stopping to take pictures at the signs, and whatever the dogs were barking at was long gone. Oh well it was a wonderful day anyway!! On the way back up Ferncroft Road to the parking area, I was starting to feel the effects of the day, so we stopped by White Lake to see the sunset, then we had Chinese food, and headed home.

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