Brian, Ryan, Natalie, Cara and a coworker of mine took off yesterday to hike Mount Adams and spend the Night at the RMC shelter on the edge of King Ravine.

The weather was perfect for the hike up, the weather dry, and the views excellent. We reached Crag Camp in a few hours, and split up from there. Brian and Cara took off for the summit, Ryan and I waited a bit and went to Adams 4 for sunset, and the two others enjoyed the sun on the porch...which as one of the best views of any structure in the whites.

Here's what Ryan and I experienced:
Peak autumn foliage on the tundra with blueberry scrub and deerhair sedge in beautful backlit color!

A fun night, a great dinner and a sunrise which dawned in the fog, so despite my desire to shoot over the great gulf at sunrise, I got to sleep in.

More pics perhaps to follow...