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yeah, I just called and they said the same. They said in December it shouldn't be too crazy busy. I think we will plan to arrive in North Conway early on the 26th and rent some gear my Brother-in-law will need, then we will head up to the visitor center and hopefully there will be some spaces still available to rent. Then we will hike up to the shelter and spend the night and the next day we can wake up and check conditions up higher and see if it is a go. I was told by the AMC that the conditions and predictions for the days weather can be found at the Hermit Lake Shelter.
Hey, you may have some company up there. We did late November last year and it was a blast (blue bird, high winds, very cold). We were talking about a Xmas trip this year. I am going up October 11th and 12th. I am having a hard time sleeping at night just thinking about it.