I left my house @ 3:30 this morning and arrive at the Cardigan AMC lodge @ 6:45 The sun was just starting to come up and I hit the trail @ 7:00 after doing a little bit of stretching to try to make sure my knees did better this time (they didn't "ouch"). The trail was really in great shape covered in colorful leaves.

All was great pretty much all the way to the summit where it go very, no let me rephrase that extremly windy and cold. When I left my truck it said 38 degrees and with this wind it had to be single digits.

I did not stay on the summit long and headed over to Firescrew and as usual on the way down the granite both knees started to bother me again so when I got a little further down on went the knee braces but that only helped a little. By now I was out of the wind and a little warmer. It does not take to long to get over to Firescrew and the trail is marked really good. The view were pretty but you can still see alot of green.

I also came upon I guess you could call this a little pond.

I took my time decending back to the lodge and met alot of really nice people on thier way up.I also found this little leaf just begging for me to take its picture.

Well the hike back to the truck was pretty uneventful except for hurting knees it was a great hike. I got a big surpise when I got back to the truck because when I got there, there was only about 8 cars now it was 11:15 and both parking lots were full and there had to be about 20-30 cars parked on the road. As recommended I stopped at the orchad and brought home a fresh baked apple pie. I highly recommend Delicious. I have a more pictures in the link below so feel free to look. Althou some of the pic's. are out of order. (sorry)