Hi everyone -
Since my first trip to the White Mts was such a success, we're going to try to squeeze in one more overnight before we call it a season and we've decided to do the Hancocks next weekend.
We plan to hike in, drop the packs and set up camp near the junction of the Hancock Loop Trail, and then continue onto both peaks before we return to our site. Then out and back home in the morning.

Since this is a popular day hike, we figured adding a camp night would make this a relaxing weekend. I read TrishandAlex's report on this trip and it looks perfect for what we're looking for (thanks for posting that, looks like you 2 have a ball together!).

My concerns: I'm hoping we're not too late in the year to enjoy this hike, and that we'll have the same luck with weather as we did last trip. I'm expecting the air to be much cooler than it was last month, too. I don't think water should be a problem since I see we follow a brook for a while.

As always, I'm interested in all comments, especially since we've never been on this route.
See you out there!