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Thread: I'm going to try to post phots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    I took my mother to the summit when she was about 83 and she loved it. We did the cog as that is what she wanted. It has been great to remember that day.
    Unfortunately my Mom is not coming. She takes alot of meds. that occasionally doesn't agree with her, she is a nervous wreck to go that far, her anxiety has gotten the best of her.

    I tried to asure her that there are alot of stops on the way up and my sister and I would take it easy and would not force her to go any where or do anything that she didn't want to. It would be mostly shopping in North Conway, with a stop in Deerfield Mass. and Meredith on the way up.

    I did want to get her up to the summit again by the auto road van one more time at least. She used to love that area so much too, we have so many happy family memories in that area and I really wanted her to come, but she won't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KathyC View Post
    Thanks, I know that my pictures don't campare to the ones that are usually posted, but I wanted to feel like part of the "IN" crowd....
    Your pictures compare just fine... great shots... I love the one of the frog!!!
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