On October 18th we hiked the Hancocks via the Hancock Notch Trail. We started at 8:20 am at the trailhead near the hairpin turn on the Kancamagus Highway. At the parking lot we met Lisa J and Jeff; members of the MWO forum.

It was a crisp 32° at the start. This seemed quite cold for us since we recently had 80° temperatures (in Baltimore) when we left on Friday. The trail was littered with fallen leaves, which made it more colorful than the contrasting brown of the trees.

Along the way we saw firsthand what many trip reporters have been mentioning, regarding the fungi growing on the trees and on the ground. This one resembles an ice cream sundae; some other people think it’s a one eyed duck.

The trail continued at a moderate elevation gain until the last 7/10’s where we reached the spur trail to the overlook near the summit of North Hancock. We were greeted by some hungry Canadian Jays.

We were then joined by other hikers, which made the three rock slabs quite crowded.

We left the overlook at around 12 noon to go over to South Hancock. We reached the second peak by 12:55 pm. Close to the summit is a fine view to the East and Southeast.

One the way down from South Hancock some fine views of North Hancock can also be seen.

Along the trail we met 3 dogs who had brought their owners out for a hike and we encountered a couple stream crossings which were negotiated quite easily.

We reached the trailhead once again at approximately 3:30 pm and we were already planning our next hike: East Osceola!