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Thread: Trail Report - and still another question.

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    Default Trail Report - and still another question.

    Yesterday, a man from my church with whom I've never been hiking invited me to go with him to Crawford Notch. Loving the mountains, I of course agreed unhesitatingly. After a late start (7:30, if you can believe that, near ten when we got to the trail), we set out on Webster Cliff trail, one I've never done. I wasn't expecting snow in October at such a low elevation (there was actually snow as low as the road), and so foolishly brought only leaky sneakers which all too quickly became totally soaked. After a while, the light, fluffy snow started to turn to wet ice covering steep rocky sections. A few spots were downright hairy - I certainly wasn't prepared for ice climbing. It was a lovely view, though, and the feisty wind at the top kept reminding us that we were in fact on a mountain, as if we could forget with all the lovely snow about.

    We had planned to go out and back on Webster cliff trail, but the ice was so bad, we decided just to head straight down from Jackson and make up the difference on 302.

    Anyway, photos.

    First, the view from Webster:

    Next, my little traveling companion perched on the ice-covered sign:

    Here's a quick little snowman he made to celebrate the first snow of the season (t'was made in haste, and the photo taken in haste because my other traveling companion was looking at me funny ):

    The Mountain, of course.

    A few neat photos I took while walking back to the car:

    And for my question. I was planning to try Washington this Saturday (better prepared, obviously ) from the west side. What d'ya suppose is the driest trail? All I remember from the Ammonoosuc ravine trail is walking up alongside a waterfall. Pretty to be sure, but probably quite icy now. I suppose Jewel would be better?
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