On October 20th our third hike of our Fall New Hampshire vacation started at 8 am after having breakfast at the Sunny Day Diner in Lincoln. We estimated the temperature at 18°.

The Lincoln Woods trail, which is the bed of an old logging railroad is flat all the way to the Osseo Trail.

Once on the Osseo trail we started to gradually gain elevation and once again we saw more of the fungi everyone has been talking about this past season.

At 10:58 am we reached the “Down Look” with views towards the Northeast and East into the Pemigewasset Wilderness.

After the “Down Look” we started to hit the rock stairs, log steps

and wooden stairs.

We reached the junction with Flume Slide trail and Franconia Ridge Trail at 11:50 am.

We began the final ledged climb to the summit.

Reaching the summit of Mt. Flume at noon.

Views towards the Franconia Ridge were spectacular!
Here’s Mt. Lincoln and Lafayette.

Off to the right stands Mount Garfield with Goback Mountain to the left (in the distance).

To the Northeast and East we once again see the Bond Range.

With clear skies and temperatures we estimated to be in the 50’s we had a leisurely 90 minute stay at the summit. We saw only 3 other people on the summit.

Heading back there were numerous opportunities for spectacular photos.

Reaching the wooden stairs it wasn’t as difficult as it looked. You only had to be aware of the fact that the steps could be slippery from walking on the damp gravely trail.

As we reached the lower forest I saw these interesting “potato chip” fungi.

Once again the Lincoln Woods trail seemed to go on and on.

But we finally reached the trail head at 4:15 pm; 11.2 miles in 8 hours; 3150 elevation gain.

Our reward: another dinner at the Woodstock Station (our favorite).
This would be our last hike on the “Franconia Notch” side and now it’s off to Jackson, New Hampshire!