On October 22 we took a short, wet hike to Mountain Pond which is located off of Slippery Brook road.
The day was cool and damp with temperatures in the 40’s.

We started the hike at 10:45 and reached the junction of the loop trail at 11 am.

We initially tried to go counterclockwise around the loop but the marshy area did not have sufficient bog bridges for travel. So we turned back and started the loop clockwise hoping the footing was dryer.
We reached a viewpoint at a spur path which bordered on the pond.

Continuing to the shelter we had to be careful of the footing since stepping on the spongy ground would have soaked our boots and stepping on the moss covered rock could turn an ankle or cause a fall.
We reached the shelter at 12 noon where we had snack.

Here’s an interesting pictures of some nails and shell casings imbedded in one of the log of the shelter.

Walking back we noticed lots of fungi; this one particularly interesting.

There was still some color in the leaves.

After having enough of the sloppy trail and reaching our van at 1pm we drove over to Pinkham Notch to check out our next hike to a couple of the Carters.
We encountered our first snowman and saw firsthand the conditions we would have on our next hike.

Next hike: North and Middle Carters.