On our way to the Imp trailhead, we stopped at the Glen House and snapped this picture of Mount Adams and Mount Madison; realizing we would be hiking in the snow sometime today.

We started at 8:30 am on a leaf covered trail.

After a mile of steady ascent we encountered an increasing amount of snow.

Along the way we came upon more fungi; these being covered in snow.

We were in pre-winter conditions

We seemed to be following some type of critter along the trail.
Any ideas what made these prints?

Snow covered rocks were slippery and caution was needed. One fall did occur when Little d slipped on a rock and landed on her upper left thigh, resulting in a nasty softball sized bruise.

We reached the junction of the North Carter trail and the Imp trail at 10:50 am.

Looking up and seeing the snow covered trees against the deep blue sky was awesome.

Since the tree limbs were covered with snow, one had to be careful that they would dislodge it and have a cold icy clump fall down someone’s neck.

As we climb higher views back towards the Presidentials would appear.

We reached the junction of the Carter-Moriah trail at 12:15 pm.

In this view you can see Mount Washington peeking above the trees.

We reached a viewpoint (just before the summit of North Carter) looking east into the Wild River valley.

The summit of North Carter was reached at 12:40 pm.

After a brief stay on the viewless summit we worked our way back to Middle Carter where we had many views of the snow covered landscape.

The log bridges had at least 5 to 6 inches of snow on them.

Here are some examples our winter wonderland.

On some open ledges you could get a good view of Mount Washington.

We reached the summit of Middle Carter at 1:15 pm; which was marked by a small cairn.

On our way back to the junction we met up with a hiker named Daniel who was going to hike over to the Carter hut. We wished him well and proceeded on until we stopped for a snack and were greeted by two Gray Jays who were looking for a handout.

We shared our snacks with them and then were ready to start our descent when we once again saw Daniel. He had changed his mind (about staying at the shelter) and decided to hike along with us and we would give him a ride back to his car, which he left in Gorham.

Good conversations made the long hike back go quickly.
We reached the trailhead at 5:20 a little sad because this was the last hike of our Fall trip.

We drove Daniel back to his car and occasionally caught glimpses of the mountain we just climbed and wondered; did we really do that?