I finally bit the bullet and signed up for an EMS trip. I signed up for a private guide when they told me the whole group needs to turn around if one person in a group cant make it. Im a little afraid that person would be me so I went with the one on one guide.

Im really wondering about the grade etc of the climb, and how to get in the best shape. Are there any exercises at the gym someone can recommend that go well with climbing?

Right now im 6'2 240 and get winded quickly on harder hikes. I do seem to get a second wind after an hour. But I really want to be able to avoid turning around if possible. I expect I will be about 220 210 by the time the hike comes around. I can lose it quickly with diet and exercise, and I currently can run 3-4 miles, but hiking is different game and I do get winded quickly so any advice will be great.

Also im in Ct so if anyone knows of any trails that are good to get some training on I would appreciate it. I live near Sleeping Giant and do the blue head trail a couple of times a week but would like something I can go UP on for longer then 30-40 minutes.

Thanks all.