Hi everyone...I've caught the White Mts bug and am really excited we are actually planning a 3rd trip this year. I figured we can walk off our turkey!

I'm writing to hear your suggestions since you've given us such great advice the past 2 trips.

Our 2 must-haves are that we'd like to do a 1-nighter, and we'd like to summit at least 1 4K footer. We've been scoping out a few routes and right now we're considering East Osceola and Mt Osceola via Greeley Ponds Tr or Mt Tom and Mt Field via Avalon Tr.

We'll head up Friday morning and complete part of the hike on Friday, summit on Saturday and either head out or put in another night. We will keep our full packs at the site while we slackpack to summit.

I would like to add that we are watching the weather and making sure we have all the right cold-weather gear to make sure we're safe. We will call the trip last minute if we have to.

Looking forward to hearing from you!