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Thread: Newbie Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleFester View Post
    Mr. Truman, I've been looking through your photo gallery and I'm really inspired now. Great job on documenting your journeys!

    Question, I never used Picasa before, how does it know the geo location of your images, is it going by the name of the image or do you have to enter that when you upload each new image?

    Glad you're inspired. These were two of the best weeks we've ever had!

    I did all the geocoding for the photos on Picasa now using the tools on the site (basically select the pic and click on the location on the map). When you are viewing your Picasa album you just go to "Album Map" from the Edit menu. Pretty easy to do for most of the hiking photos since the locations tend to stand out in my mind. There are other options though. I've experimented with a utility called RoboGEO (info here: which lets you use the track log from your GPS to geocode you pictures using the GPS and camera timestamps. Works pretty well.

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    I am signed up for the march and april mountainnering trips. Would not mind company on the ride if you decide to go that route

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