My buddies and I are hiking Mount Washington this coming weekend 12/6 and I have a few questions im hoping someone can help out with.

We have hiked to the summit on different trails probably 15 times over the years however I havent gone this late in the year (We last went end of October 08).

I am thinking of taking one of the trails at the Pinkam Notch entrance on the East side and was wondering which trails do people recommend from there and why? Also I see one of the trails hits the auto-road in a couple of spots and was wondering what the name of that trail might be.

Also does the Pinkham Notch center have trail maps?

I think we are set as far as gear goes with Compass, Snow shoes, Gators, Crampons, goggles, layers etc and one of us might bring a rope but if there is anything else you recommend for a summit hike please let me know.

Thanks very much in advance for your help!