Awhile back I had made a few threads about a winter hike up Mt. Washington.

My brother in law, Dean, and I will be heading up to NH the day after Christmas and hopefully will get a spot to camp at either Hermit lake shelters or Harvard cabin. I see the weather has been quite cold and that is a good thing as I will be using this trip as some training for my attempt at the West Buttress route on McKinley this summer.

It has been neat reading some past experiences this winter on the Lion's head route. Also glad to see there haven't been too many incidents up there this winter. I would like to thank Climbabout for his suggestion in reading material. "not without peril".

After our trip I will post some pictures here and tell you guys about it. We are looking to just have a great time and if the weather opens up and we make the summit then great, if not, this trip will be a blast.