So I am planning on spending a few nights out during the holidays and was wondering what I should do/which way to go.. here is my plan

I want to walk on the ridge of the Presidential for a while but nor sure which way to go from Washington. Is the boott spur link open in winter? So I could walk up Tuckerman and make a left there and keep going in that direction(see lakes of the clouds hut, perhaps setup my tent around there if possible?) on the ridge or should I go Lion's head then walk on the ridge behind the summit.

I will be camping, have all the equipment that I might need, crampons, snowshoes, ice axe.. This will be my fifth time on the mountain so I know it is very unpredictable.

So basicly, I am here to get some suggestions on where to go, if I have 3 or 4 nights to spend on the mountain. Leave from Pinkham notch, sleep around lakes of the clouds? I read there were some tent spots. and I know about the 2 feet of snow to camp in alpine zone, 1/4 mile away from main trail/ water?
I just bought the AMC White Mountain guide but am looking for ideas, and a bit more info since there isn't much on winter trails in the book it seems.

Hopefully the drive won't be too bad, coming from Quebec. eeps