Mornin', ya'll. I've decided that it's time to fulfill a life-long dream of mine; to climb the crown jewel of lower 48 mountaineering, Mount Rainier. 14,410 feet of pure magnificence. I can't wait. Unfortunately, solo climbers are not permitted, not even on Disappointment Cleaver - the easiest route, without written permission. And apparently it's almost impossible to get said written permission without a lot of past experience on glaciated peaks. Soooo....I need a traveling companion for the trip. I'm looking on another website (SummitPost), but I figured it was worth asking here too. Is anyone by any chance planning their own trip out west during those two months who wouldn't mind my hooking up?
A lot to ask, I know, but I figure most people who are climbing The Mountain are in the same straights as I; no permission to climb alone.

Anyway, thought it couldn't hurt to ask.