My wife and I went to a local library today to see a slideshow on Kroka Expeditions given by a young man. He has been our gardener for several years as he was being home schooled in High School. One semester in winter-spring of 2008 he went on the Vermont Semester. They traveled all over Vermont by foot, skis and canoe. I mean close to 800 miles. They lived off the land as much as possible. They appreciated nature in its natural beauty. They made their own knives which were essential to every day living. They made their own paddles - ash strap back packs - and even a wood/canvas canoe. Made wooden spoons. Tanned deer hide to make moccasins. The experience for some was a step outside like they had never done before. For Jesse he learned a lot about himself and many other things. What a wonderful experience for a person to have.

The slides were great. The talk was informative. But, you could see the growth in each person as they progressed through the semester - things getting harder - yet they were able to deal with them. This was not a survival course. It was very educationally focused through personal experiences. We were not aware of the program till a couple of years ago Jesse said he was interested - then he went.