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Thread: Mount Pierce almost :(

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    Default Mount Pierce almost :(

    I left my house @ 4am and it was an uneventful ride up to Crawford Notch. How ever about half way there I started feeling like crap but I figured I just had to eat or something so I stopped and goy my usual coffee,milk and bagel. Well when I got there I had to park in the Highland Ctr. parking lot because the Clinton Rd. was not plowed. I arrived @ 7:30 and still felt crappy so I sat there for about 20 mins and then decided to get my gear on and hopefully the fresh air would help. So off I went and started @ 8am. I had to put my snow shoes on right from the start.

    I was going pretty good except for my right foot was hurting right in the middle then it dawned on me to try to put up the televators on the snow shoes and oh my god what a difference no more pain and it was so much easier. However I had to take my outer layer off because I was sweating alot but it did not help. I think I was coming down with something. I kept hydrated and ate some trial mix but by the time I got to the Mizpah cutoff I was feeling really bad.

    Sadly I turned back and made my way down. As much has I hated turning back I felt like going on would have made things worse. I was back down at the truck @ 11am and I must have passed at least 8 people going up and there had to be 10-12 more people getting gear on in the parking lot. So I figure the trial is well packed down now. It was great being on the trial again and I found out that my legs are a little out of shape since the last time I hiked. That was like 4 months ago. The 3-1/2 hour ride home was very long. As soon as I got home it was medicine and bed.
    I also learned I need to dress a little different next time I believe I had to much on.
    Bottoms were mid weight pants then fleece pants then water proof outer pants (Marmot)
    Tops were mid weight long sleeve shirt then a t shirt then a Mountain Hardwear fleece coat and a Mountain hadwear hat (hat way to hot)
    Next time I think no tshirt and the bottoms either just the outer pants or just the fleece and midweight base.Of course nothing was cotton.Here are a few pictures there would have normally been more had I been feeling better.

    I believe there is a sick day coming soon so I can get back up there.

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    Some days are just not the right day. It's okay. You can scratch it off the calendar. I've been there. You'll be back!

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    Default Almost Pierce

    Sorry to hear the day didn't go as expected. We've had them also.
    Looks like the snow will be around for awhile. Smile, you will get another chance soon.
    little d

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