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    Quote Originally Posted by RI Swamp Yankee View Post
    Welcome to the MWO forum Feuerkopf. Sounds like she had quite an adventure. Hope she had a good experience here in the USA.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    I am sure the poor stranded Germans got some great pictures!
    I can assure you my daughter's got lots of impressions and good experiences.
    Concerning the USA she isn't really a "newbie" as she spends a lot of time over there.

    The photos she sent us are spectacular, but so are most of the photos and videos on the MW website. Gorgeous place to be.

    I have to admit, I'm glad she could leave the summit finally. We miss her.

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    Well, Feuerkopf, I can assure you that David and I will miss her, too. We were the volunteers at the Observatory that week (Feb 18th-25th) and had an awesome time cooking, cleaning, and socializing with all of the folks from Germany - as well as the folks from the EMS Climbing Trip that made it up in that great storm. I can't think of a better place to be stranded - or more fun group to be stranded with.
    No matter how many times I've visited the summit (too many to count) - it seems unique and different each time. And yes, "spectacular" and "gorgeous" are words that I routinely associate with it.
    We hope they ALL had as wonderful a time as we did!!

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