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Thread: Biggest concern for new comer?

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    Another option for a day hike like Brad suggested with Lakes out and back if you don't want to do the whole mountain is drive up the auto road to the Cow Pasture parking lot (no, there aren't cows there) just below the summit and hike across the alpine garden, up and over the summit and back to the car. This is a really beautiful hike when the wildflowers are in bloom in the spring. This was our first hike on Mt Washington several years ago and it was a great introduction to being above treeline and being on the summit without either just driving there or doing the whole hike. Of course now all we want to do is hike it via every possible trail, but that's another story...

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    If it is your first hike, I'd skip the camping out and just hike it. It can easily be done in one day with no problem. I've done it by myself, with 4 kids from 8-12 years old in a about 11 hours.

    I like going up tuckerman's ravine trail, and going down....tuckerman's too.

    OR, hike up, and take a van down. It's like what...$20 each? We had to do that last summer after getting caught in an intense lightning storm (although I wouldn't trade that experience for anything) halfway betwen Lake of the Clouds and the summit. It was touching down everywhere!

    I can't wait to make a hike and board the ravine this spring, then a few hikes in the summer. How soon can you start reserving spaces to stay overnite?

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