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Thread: PSA: Today is officially T- 100 days till STP!

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    Default PSA: Today is officially T- 100 days till STP!

    Just checked the countdown clock... 100 to go!
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    I can't wait. I had a blast last year hopefully the weather will be just as good. It looks like Ed is kicking butt with his collecting.

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    100 days - WooHoo! We're all going to have to start working really hard on catching up to Ed. If we all get 20% of the way there this will be a really successful event. Way to go Ed!

    I really had intended to have a new Adobe Air based STP countdown widget developed before now with lots of nice bells and whistles. Too many projects - too little time

    So - here's the info on the widget that I developed last year for those that don't already have it. Note that the date is still set to last years date so once it is installed you have to right click the widget, select Preferences from the menu and set the new date and time for this year's STP.

    You need the basic Yahoo! Widgets install which you can get here:

    Once it is installed you can download and install the STP widget here:

    Here's what the widget looks like. See you in 100 days (and counting...)


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