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Thread: a hike to South Baldface Mtn., April 25th

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    Default a hike to South Baldface Mtn., April 25th

    round leaf yellow violets

    As I quietly sat listening to a distant brook, woodpeckers, a winter wren and a hermit thrush, I heard a hiker coming down the trail...

    a lucky find just off the trail up on the ridge...

    view to Mt. Washington from the summit of South Baldface Mtn.

    I hiked off trail on the way down Baldface Circle Trail. Somewhere in the hardwoods...

    Back on the trail, near Emerald Pool, I met some nice people from Portland who helped me out of the woods. Thank you!!! And your memory was correct; it was me who you met on Mt. Cabot Trail. It was great meeting you again, and thanks again

    happy trails
    nature photography of the White Mountains
    by Patrick LaFreniere
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    Great little trip report. Fantastic pictures. The fourth picture the moose looks pretty mad like it was going to run after you. Just can't get enough moose pictures so keep them coming. Thanks for sharing.

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