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Thread: Western Half Pemi Loop 5-21 and 5/22

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    Default Western Half Pemi Loop 5-21 and 5/22

    I wanted to do an overnight, but was a little short on time so I did a 1/2 pemi loop. Started at Lincoln Woods on Thursday at 3:00pm. Had a nice hike up to Franconia Falls to check it out then on up the Franconia Brook Trail.

    Franconia Brook is beautiful and the crossings were not difficult. The sun was setting behind Owl Head keeping the temperature down somewhat. The temp was in the 80's at the start and the bugs were not bothering me much. The peeper frogs were going crazy and I enjoyed the chorus. Dinner at the RedRock Brook crossing was pleasant, but starting to get buggy (mostly black flies). I stopped at 13 Falls for some pictures (and I'll spend more time here when I do the other half of the Pemi loop). I saw that someone was staying in 13 Falls tentsite so I moved about 1/2 mile up the trail and camped in the woods. With apologies to those of you who hiked in the rain this weekend...I slept in my tent without the fly. The stars were delightful.

    Started the 22nd at 5:45am and wanted to hit some summits alone. Garfield summit was empty and the view was gorgeous (sunny and mildly windy). The trail past the lake and up Lafayette was enjoyable and comfortable at around 60 degrees all morning. Above treeline the brisk winds were welcome to cool the sweat of the climb. As a hit the first false summit of Lafayette, the couple who had summited before me left toward Lincoln, so I was alone on Lafayette...for a while. Then the Screaming Mimi's showed up (apparently they were conversing with someone at Greenleaf Hut without a cellphone), which as a bonus chased a fox down the path right next to where I was sitting having breakfast. The fox looked rather skinny, but had a big hairball in its mouth so it would seem to get to live a least a little while longer. I hastily packed my lunch and moved on.

    The Summit of Lincoln was quieter, but people were out hiking now and I wasn't alone any longer (oh, well). I met a nice guy who was running over the trail from Little Haystack to Lafayette...that's training for you. I really enjoyed the open feeling of the terrain and got some great pictures. Haystack was somewhat anticlimactic since it just felt like another ridge. Mount Liberty was pretty, but I was getting a bit gassed. I made a 1/2 hour stop to eat some lunch and to get over to Flume before any weather started to roll in. The clouds were starting to get dark, but visibility was still decent.

    By the time I got to Flume, Lincoln was in clouds and the sky was getting dark. I was really lagging on the short climb from the col between Liberty and Flume and I knew I was done. I took some pictures and headed down the Osseo back to Lincoln Woods and my car. Osseo is probably one of the nicer trails I have hiked and I really liked the atmosphere...the trail also seemed well maintained, but I was feeling a little fatigued. I did manage to capture some pictures of toads and frogs before I finished, but was happy to get done and get freshened up in the bathroom (and sitting in an air-conditioned car).

    All-in-all a nice hike and I hope to do the Eastern 1/2 loop soon.

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    Nice report mahony! Especially in the route you chose. How nice to do a loop in a direction not often taken, Usually it seems most go clockwise. Thanks for the update on Osseo Trail. We are headin' up to do our first maintenance trip of the year soon.
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