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Thread: One Day Traverse This Weekend - Water Question

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    Congrats. I did the the Traverse on the same day and probably bumped into your group more than a few times. I was in a group of 4 guys...mostly in our upper 20's.

    Definitely an interesting day with the weather. I was a little upset about being rained in on Washington for that long but honestly the long break felt great. Plus when it cleared it was gorgeous and I got my first (all be it brief) clear views from Washington's summit. Of course it rained from Monroe to the col between Franklin and Ike.

    Glad you had great time....I'm already plotting attempt #2 so I can get Jackson and Webster as well....assuming the weather is a little more cooperative this time.

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    Greg - thanks for posting your results. Great to hear about everyone's journeys. Yes - many of us here do care

    I second Chris's request for pictures if you have them. Glad it all turned out well!

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