I just want to say Thank You to all the experienced hikers etc on this board that take time to answer my queries. I searched for a forum/board and couldn't find one was any good till this one. You guys know what you're talking about! I'm too far south to know the day to day conditions up there, but you guys always come through and are spot on with advice/trail conditions and seem to really know what's up. I love that you'll call out an inexperienced hiker who might be getting in over their heads, as well as share the everyday stories and photos. I always know that I can get some kind of answer when I post, good or bad, but always honest. I appreciate your feedback. I feel better having real time trail reports and opinions from someone who knows what they are doing than trying to read between the lines in the guide books and so so posts in other spots. Just wanted to give my three thumbs up to you regulars! Thank you.