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Thread: New Glen House hotel

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    Default Facebook page for Glen House project

    There is now a facebook page "The Glen House at Pinkham Notch". You can see the plans and post questions, etc. directly to the project team.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    This is quite an exciting announcement. The mountains in NH used to have many grand hotels and only a few are still here. This is a step back in tradition to having one again in Pinkham Notch. This notch has so much history and beauty. This is why there have been several Glen Houses in the past. Having another one can add to the notch, if it is done well. The drawings make it look a like Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC - which is beautiful.

    Protect some of the wonderful stands of trees in that area - parking out of sight - these are things that say management is concerned with the design and visual impact. I look forward to watching it all unfold and hopefully add to the beauty of Pinkham Notch.


    On Tuesday as we paid for our tickets to go up the Auto Road at the toll house I asked for you. Not sure where you work in the organization, but I tried to say hi.

    Brad, you missed me by just a day. I am at the Tollhouse, Friday through Monday regularly. You were in the right place,with your thought and I thank you for thinking of me!

    I'm having a hard time gathering the words I'd need to intertwine "Natural Beauty", " Special Places" with " American History". There is such a huge connection that many people won't /don't /can't acknowledge..

    We have "Special Places" ( State Parks, National Parks, National Forests just to name a few) now because people of many generations before us made them accessible. How did that happen? When did it start? How and why did we get to OUR NOW from <way back when>? Are we so different in needs and wants in OUR NOW from THEN?

    I'm neither a history geek, nor an educator, but I'm hardwired for curiosity .


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    I mentioned the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC in another post. Here is a picture of that entrance. very different - but has a grand feeling to it. I think the new Glen House will have the same feeling based on the sketches I have seen.

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