Hello all
Planning a trip this weekend to the presidential range, I'm looking to set up base camp for 3 nights somewhere along the great gulf trail to the north of mt washington.

Is there any good source of water in this area? I'd like to avoid packing in a full supply of water if possible. If I do need to pack it in, any suggestions for how much water? I'm estimating 6 liters for about 3 days of hiking.

As far I've read there are a number of established campsites along this trail, and there are no restrictions other than camping 200ft from the trail/a water source along the trail (no FPA's?) I also haven't seen anything disallowing campfires. I'm yet to find any campsites on a map, looking to pick something up at pinham notch, unless someone has an onlie resource for this.

Any advice would be appreciated