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    Default Up-Close Photos of "The Watcher"

    She is not as well known as the "Old Man of the Mountain" whose memory will endure forever. She is often referred to as "The Watcher", but she is also known as "The Old Lady of the Mountain", and as "The Old Woman of the Notch".

    The "person" of whom I speak is the natural rock profile on the side of the Eagle Cliff Ridge in the Franconia Notch. The profile appears to be that of a woman's head and face, and she looks as if she is "watching" for strangers approaching the Notch from the east.

    Although it's difficult to pick her out without the aid of binoculars, her small silhouette can be seen from the south end of Profile Lake by looking northward. The photo below simply gives you a general idea of where to look. You cannot actually see the profile of "The Watcher" in this particular photo.

    If you want an up-close view, you need some high-powered binoculars, or you need to find a way to the top of the Eagle Cliff Ridge! My friend Chris has climbed up the ridge to see The Watcher on several occasions and has gotten some stunning photos. So, armed with some routing information from Chris, I managed to negotiate the very steep and rugged climb to the ridge. And from there, I was able to get my own close-up snapshots of The Watcher which are shown below. They are not nearly as good as the photos taken by Chris, but for anyone who has not seen The Watcher close-up, perhaps they will at least give you a general idea.

    Looking at The Watcher from the North

    Looking at The Watcher from the South

    I was also able to get a close-up photo of The Eaglet which is another rock formation very near to The Watcher. As I understand it, it's a popular rock climbing destination and apparently, it's the only free standing rock spire on the east coast.

    Also from the ridge, I was able to get many interesting views looking southward down the Franconia Notch.

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