headed up to da 'cats to bag them badboyz fer my winter list. nice and sunny but a little cold, but 'tweren't a thang. i got warm goin' up that first part lemme tell ya! purty darn icy and slick but i put on some of them yaktrax and was up doublequick! up past the skilift and along the ridge up and down up and down! good times bootskiin' on the downhills!!

if ya go soon and there's no snow between now and when ya go, don't bother with the snowshoes. ol' bruno done broke out da trail fer ya!!!! thank me later!!

time--5:30 from pinkham to pinkham.

ps--me water thingy froze part way out and i had nuthin' to drink and all i could think of was water (and beer!!) on the way down. snow jus' doesn't quench yer thirsty! plus it'll make me get all chilled.