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Thread: Don't We All Have an "Emergency" Supply of Hikes Close to Home?

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    Default Don't We All Have an "Emergency" Supply of Hikes Close to Home?

    You're probably familiar with a variety of scenarios which result in having too little time to drive to a trailhead and then "hike the hike". But, in such situations, don't we all have an "emergency" hike or two that offers some pleasant views and is within a short drive or walk from our home?

    Has a thread similar to this already been posted? Even if it has, perhaps there's no harm in providing another opportunity for folks to post a few photos to showcase their hometown "emergency" hikes.

    Living in Bethlehem, it's pretty easy to have a collection of "emergency" hikes. Yesterday (19-October), I needed to dip into my "collection" because waiting around for a repairman took up a sizeable chunk of the day.

    There's a hillside in Bethlehem which is an easy walk from my home. It gains about 300 feet of elevation (enough to work up a sweat if attacked with vigor!). Anyway, there are some pretty nice views from there.

    Particularly in autumn, there's a nice view of the "Little Town of Bethlehem" peeking through the trees.

    There's a very nice unobstructed view of the Presidential Range from this hillside.

    A large chunk of the Pilot-Pliny Range can also be seen from this hillside.

    There is also a nice view toward Cherry Mountain.

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