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Thread: Wind Chills thursday to Weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill O
    I don't know of anyplace that records the minimum windchill on the website. I think Brad has a Fotki page that grabs the current conditions from the website and archives them as photos. You can search through those and you'll get your answer.
    Yes, the Conditions image gets stored at throughout the day. Then normally once a day I move these images to an archive album at . There another one for 2006 images.

    If you have a fast Internet connection you can spin through them pretty quickly or review them from the thumbnails. Right now the 5:30 AM Conditions image says wind chill is -77.

    I went back to the 158MPH day in October. The wind was high, but the temp was 14 degrees. So, the wind chill was not low then.

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