I hate to tell you folk, but the event was last night - and it was excellent! I was prepared for a typical travel slide show. I was not prepared for Marty. And this was not your typical travel slide show.

First off - Marty is an olde time storyteller extraordinaire. He stood there in front of our little group for - I have no idea how long he talked - time did not matter. We just focused on listening to his tales. There were no pictures - no slides - no script. Just Marty telling tales of his experiences as a "bicycle reporter". He reported as he went on bike trips. Maine to Alaska, Maine to Georgia, Canada to Mexico, and Iceland and other countries to be north of the Arctic Circle. We heard about very cool places he visited - people he met - a grizzly bear he did not want to meet - people from Jackson, NH (Marty lives next door in Intervale) who scared the bear away just before Marty became lunch in Denali Park, having fun behind waterfalls in Iceland, and all sorts of other things.

There were plenty of stories of people willing to stop and help him (he did seem to need a lot of help). Some how he wrote his articles and got them sent back to wherever to have them published about his journey.

It was an excellent evening with Marty and a good chance to meet others who are also in love with MWO and all that it does.