Nothing says "November" like the air above filled with falling leaves in a gust of wind. Ever try capturing it in action? I spent a little time Sunday on the Champney Falls Trail trying to capture it in a beech stand. It's harder than I thought it would be.

I was trying to capture motion but the leaves looked like unnatually blurry lines. If I froze them in mid-air they did not stand out as "falling leaves" but instead blended in with the leaves still on branches in the background.

In the image below I found a sort-of happy medium. I'm thinking it would be better to completely freeze the leaf with a fast shot, but isolate the leave in the open sky with all blue around it so it clearly appears freely falling, thus capturing the fall. This could be surrounded with colorful trees for support of the composition, as long as the falling leaf was completely surrounded by clear sky. However, I am happy with this image.