Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum and just had a few questions. I am planning to go up to Mount Washington tomorrow and staying for a few days. I have been there once two years ago and took a 3-day mountaineering course. We unfortunately did not get to summit due to terrible weather conditions and I have been wanting to go back ever since.

I am going up alone because I do not have a partner nor do I have the money to hire another guide. I have all the equipment I think I need. Is there anyone who might have the day off and be bored and want to meet up with me to climb? Also, I am planning on taking the Lions Head trail up to the summit and was wondering if I will need crampons for this. Two years ago I did but that was in February. I am also wondering about where I can camp (car camp) that is close to Pinkham Notch visitor center that is not very expensive so I can get an early start. Is there anywhere that is safe for me to park and sleep in my car? I know walmart allows this but am unsure as to how far one is from the mountain. Are there any recommendations for alternative, easier routes? Thank you for any replies and information that will assist me!