Hi All,

I just wanted to let all those of you who love the show Everest Beyond The Limit that it will be airing season 3 soon. I have been desperatley looking for info in regards to this for awhile, and the ebsite blog for the show has had no info. I am sure many have also been wondering. I finally gave up looking for info and just sent a note to Discovery Channel and got the info...

Dear Viewer,

Thank you for contacting Discovery Channel.

Everest is currently scheduled to premiere on January 6, 2010.

For programming and schedule information, please visit our website at www.discovery.com, then click on TV Schedule. Our schedules are published for the current and following month. If you are not able to locate the programming you are looking for, we recommend checking back periodically to see if it has been added to the current schedule.

For your convenience, use the "Newsletters" feature on our website to receive e-mail reminders letting you know when your favorite program is going to be televised.


Viewer Relations
Discovery Channel

Enjoy the Show!!!