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Thread: Everest Beyond The Limit Season 3!!!

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    Trying to get into this season.....maybe because I'm getting things ready for NYE and playing Zelda, I am not paying full attention.

    Its good, but I'm not as "attached" to these climbers as the past season.

    The head Sherpa rules, 16 summits!!!

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    I actually just read some more info on everything but who really knows what the truth is. I read that Russell was siding strangely with the Chinese government in the shooting and just walked past and ignored it. If that is the case I may have lost quite a bit of respect for him, but like I said no one knows for sure so until I know I will continue to respect the man. He however has said that he had planned on helping the Chinese government prepare the North side of the Mountain for the Torch carriers by having his team of Sherpas lay the ropes and prepare the route for the Chinese climbers as well as provide any weather forcasting and communication necessary. He truly believed he was going to help the government, however they still denied him the permit and he did not assist the Chinese in any way. I also read that the Chinese have closed the mountain on the North side for environmental reasons. I am sure that is just a Chinese excuse considering what has been going on but they claim that they want to clean up the mountain after years of trash being left behind and then limit the amount of climbers after clean up. Whatever the story it just is not good news. For that side of the Mountain to be closed will surely affct the Tibetans and Sherpas as well as affect any dreams climbers may have of summiting from that side in the future.

    The chinese also tried convincing the Nepalese government to close down the Mountain by giving them a huge sum of money to rebuild dams and bridges, however the Nepalese goverment only closed the Mountain between May1st and May10 of 2008 when the Chinese torch carriers summited the Mountain.

    As far as the show, am I crazy or did they just air the whole entire season? I think they aired the whole entire season at this point. In one night? I am definately a bit disspointed. I feel as though they are trying to rush the show of the air so they can add new shows to their line up. And how do you sum up a whole entire climbing season in 4 episodes?

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    Make no mistake about it, Brice makes LOTS of money running these expeditions for Everest climbers. With the Chinese govt being as unpredictable as they are, I'm sure part of what was going through his head at the time was no doing anything to jeopardize his future access to the Tibet side. Its also possible that he 'cold hearted' position was out of self-preservation for him and his team while they are physically in the country, in a place with no quick exit if things turn south. Its not out of the realm of possibility that if the Chinese govt knew that this was being filmed we would have been hearing about the climbers being jailed as spies or some such.

    The Chinese closing down the north side for 'environmental' reasons I find highly laughable. The highest polluting nation on the planet is concerned over some O2 bottles left on a remote mountainside? The struggle with Tibetan people is still strong. The Sherpa people make their yearly living off the 3 months of climbing season. If the Chinese can take away that income, they stand to break the will of the people.

    On the south side during 2008, yes, the Chinese did try to get Nepal to shut it down as well. They refused as they knew the economic impact it would have on the region and the people. But they did concede to let the Chinese Army monitor the actions of what was going on. Communication between expeditions and the outside world (via internet, satelite phone, cell phone, etc) was very tightly controlled and monitored by the Chinese.

    The best part about the whole torch run was that the reports I read said the team of Chinese climbers couldn't make the summit and they had to get a group of Tibetan Shepra to do it for them.

    </sorry, political rant over>

    Regarding the show, I'm finding it hard to get into this season as well. Covering a whole climb of one or two people per show really doesn't give you a feel for the time it takes. The directors are too focused on the short attention span viewer and trying to get as much action and danger into it as possible. I don't think this season is really showing the true picture of trekking Everest.
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