Hi, did any body else see it? this has been bugging me for the last week. Let me back up.
On wed. Dec.23 I was in Jackson w/ my family for a week of skiing and Christmas. It was our first night up and naturally i indulged in quite a bit of Christmas cheer. So around quarter after 12{midnight) I went out side for a smoke and to let the dogs do their thing. Our home is looking north with a great view of Huntington's Ravine and the summit. Off to the West I saw what looked like a plane , then a comet, But the thing was too slow to be a shooting star. It was on fire, I swear, I'm not making this up. I watched it track across the sky and lost sight of it heading toward Doublehead mountain. I'm not a nutcase. So I called 911 on my cell, and after giving my name and location to several operators, relayed my story. My question is Did any body else report this?