Hello People,

Quick Survey of Plastic boots and fit,

I have in my possession two sizes of Scarpa Vegas and I am torn. I went with these because they looked to be the best quality for the money, but this point could be argued ad nausium.

However after wearing them both with insoles and thick socks for about a week I am still no better off. The larger size fits very comfortably and I could certainly wear them all day, but I noticed when front pointing up my stairs that the heel was slipping up a bit and they are a bit sloppy. On the other hand, the half size lower fits nice and snug especially when front pointing but after lounging around in them, sitting, walking for a few hours, I noticed some discomfort.

It seems like in skiing and climbing the footwear is always supposed to hurt, but what is the consensus on mountaineering?

Thanks (non gender specific) guys,

As an aside to anyone reg. the larger size I mention, despite the UK sizing and everything, once I slipped in some superfeet and a thick wool sock I was back to my regular US. shoe size.