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Thread: Share Your Reaction to the New Record Windspeed

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    I shared the following thoughts about the new record with a number of people at the Obs soon after the news came out:

    "As you probably guessed, I've been following the news of the alleged
    (I'm still hoping that it is not upheld) new wind record pretty
    closely. If it is found to be accurate, I'll be disappointed, but...

    Having said that, the Observatory's world record wind has very, very,
    very little to do with why I enjoying volunteering at the Obs and helping out in other ways - the people, the location, and the weather as a whole are much more important to me than the record wind, though I do understand its importance to the Obs and its history.

    I suspect that many other members and supporters of the Obs feel the
    same way."


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    like others have said its not just the wind that makes the MWOBS a unique place .there is a lot of history up there and there for it is and always will be my #1 place even if all the records are broke . the work they do up there 24-7 365 a year will top all records
    so there will be nothing that will change my support for them in any way
    i am a Summit Club member pictures and videos

    If your not a OBS member yet then what are you waiting for

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