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I'm not afraid to say it. Accuweather comes up with this stuff. They consistently over-hype storms and their impact....and why not? There is no accountability if they are wrong.
I'm not sure I completely agree with the last part of your statement. There may not be direct accountability, but when they hype a storm and end up busting, the public definitely takes notice and AccuWeather's reputation can certainly take a hit. So in that sense there are consequences for being wrong after hyping (or over-hyping) a storm.

I honestly think that their intentions are good. They want to bring attention to storms that they think will have a significant impact on people and property. They just go too far sometimes. In this case, I think the "snowicane" name for this storm is ridiculous, but they were pretty much spot on with the significant impact the storm would have.

Of course, I'll be the first to admit that I am a bit bias having worked for the there for several years and having been around the company since I was a young lad, because of my dad working there.