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Thread: 2010 Break Out Hike March 18th

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    Default 2010 Break Out Hike March 18th

    The weather was beautiful on the 18th so Tina and I headed for Caledonia State Park, just west of Gettysburg, PA. We started off at the Hosack Run Campground and headed up Quarry Gap Road. Once we reached the dead end we opted to take the Locust Gap Trail, formerly known as the Hosack Run Trail. It is marked well with Blue Blazes. We decided on this route because if the streams were too high we would not have to hike back so far compared with starting on the AT and going up and around. On President's Day, we snowshoed near here on three feet of snow.

    The first stream we encountered was high but not high enough to turn us around. Tina tried to bushwhack around it but soon returned and crossed with the aid of a walking stick. The Deer Enclosures are working and the contrast between the growth inside and out is amazing.

    The bogs were filled with frogs croaking for attention. It was deafening and I was fortunate to capture the sights and sounds on my new Canon 5D MkII which possesses the capability of recording HD video and sound.

    Further up the trail we encountered more water and it was flowing right down the trail. The crossings there were a little more challenging. But we made it. BTW, the air was clear and calm and the aromas of spring were awesome.

    We continued up to the top where the trail ends at the AT. At the top, the trail taken is still marked as the Hosack Run Trail. If you're a Through-Hiker or a Segment-Hiker, the Hosack/Locust Gap Trail is a nice shortcut to Caledonia State Park, its swimming pool, showers and snack bar. If southbound, simply take the Hosack Run Trail to Quarry Gap Road, to Hosack Run Campground. After crossing the bridge into Hosack Run Campground, turn left and follow the water line right-of-way less than a mile to Caledonia. Just reverse the order for northbound. It eliminates the steep uphill/downhill just prior to Caledonia on the AT. BTW, at the top of Quarry Gap Road, at the pump house, if you continue into the woods, following the worn trail, you come to the AT after less than a 1/10th of a mile. Just another shortcut worth mentioning.

    We turned south on the AT and crossed another beautiful stream. Fortunately, the foot bridge had not been swept away. However, the stream had overflowed and was running right along the AT.

    Next stop was Quarry Gap Shelter, our favorite and most frequently visited shelter. Jim Stauch and crew do an outstanding job maintaining and improving this site.

    We shared lunch there and talked about our first date, a walk in White's Woods, Indiana County, PA. After thirty-seven years, we are still taking life one walk at a time.

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    Great trip report and love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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    Looks like you guys will have another 37 years of hiking together if you keep sending us these nice TR's and wonderful photos.


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    Great TR and photos Dave. Spring is definitely right around the corner. While driving home from work today, I noticed that the woods were already taking on a greenish color. Thanks for sharing your hike with us.

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